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Naturally Broke-Ass Polish Food at Lomzynianka

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I will never remember how to pronounce the name of this restaurant, apparently it’s something like Lahm-zee-nee-ahnka? I dunno. It’s easier just to refer to it as the Polish place. It is delicious and dirt cheap, the portions are enormous, it’s BYOB, and the decor includes a mounted deer head wearing a lei? So, yes, there is literally nothing about Lomzynianka that’s not awesome.

Especially the pierogies. My favorite are the potato and cheese, which come with caramelized onions and sour cream. From the dining room you can see into the kitchen, and it really is someone’s old Polish grandmother back there making them. It always kinda makes me feel guilty, putting her to work like that, especially because whenever I come here it’s super busy and she seems to be perspiring. I almost want to go back and offer to help chop things.

The polish plate is a good thing to order if you want to try a little of everything, because it comes with three pieorgies, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, mashed potatoes, and a mound of brown stuff of indeterminate origin.

And the borscht. Oh man. So good. I recommend the red borscht with vegetables, which is $2 for a giant bowl. Two dollars! I could eat that soup every day of my life, and I would probably be a much heartier person, who did not become short of breath climbing subway stairs. I figure the intention to become heartier justifies going here for pierogies at least once a month.

646 Manhattan Ave

Between Norman & Nassau Ave [GREENPOINT]

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Katy B. - Economic Inexpert

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