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J. Sharelle – Ms. Do-It-Yourself

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J. Sharelle - Ms. Do-It-Yourself

J. Sharelle - Ms. Do-It-Yourself

Brooklyn born-and-bred poet & songwriter, J. Sharelle has been organizing and performing in NYC since 2005. She began with spoken word events and has since evolved to live performances, backed by a full band. At a young age, J. Sharelle’s life began to change and innocence grew dim. Family was changing, people who once meant everything were gone. Knowing very little about music, she found freedom from the pain of loved ones lost in melodies. At a tender age music became everything —most of all her means to cope with hardships. "When I was 7, I memorized my first song…it was Audio2’s 1987 classic, “Top Billin”. It was refreshingly different then my uncles 70’s slow jams or those tear-jerking gospel hymns my grandmother played. It was then that I realized there was music for every occasion. I can picture myself with ponytails, a gold chain, and cut up denim shorts in the mix of a fish fry, a card game or better yet a block party, and not because I cared about the festivities but because I wanted to be where the music was no matter the outcome". J. Sharelle’s writing embarks on love & life; truth & emotions; triumph & loss. Her writings evoke the passion of a spoken word artist combined with finesse of a R&B artist. Giving life to the art of songwriting, J. Sharelle breathes power and passion back to words.