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Dumbo Underwater Visualizes Brooklyn’s Sunken Future

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It’s a safe – and apparently scientific – assumption that, if the earth’s water levels one day decided to rise, New York won’t be spared. We’re okay with that, and mostly because we’re not really planning on living until 2100 anyway. Sorry, kids.

But as much as we’d like to forget about the possibility of our future sunken fate, Eric Corriel’s ‘Dumbo Underwater‘ seeks to overtly remind us of it in the most viable way possible.

Formerly a part of Dumbo Arts Festival, ‘Dumbo Underwater’ is an outdoor video installation consisting of twelve nine foot screens presenting Brooklyn’s eventual azure destiny. Gently flowing waves lap against the screens, which, attached to the outside of 81 Front Street, look and feel like windows.

Visible from sundown to sunrise, Dumbo Underwater disappears on November 15th, with Dumbo itself following suit soon after.

Dumbo Underwater
81 Front Street @ Washington St.

Until November 15th

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