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See Rainn Wilson Speak for FREE at the Strand

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Rainn Wilson is currently on a book tour to promote 'œSoulPancake,' a compilation of philosophical essays taken from the website of the same name. Here he is, explaining why he started SoulPancake, in an interview with the Huffington Post:

'œAs I got to be well-known as an actor, I felt this pressing need to create something good and beautiful on ye olde internet. The Huffington Post and notwithstanding, most of the web is a wasteland. And I thought about all those The Office fans in their teens and 20s who, like myself at that age, might want a safe place to explore the meaning of life and what it is to be human. So I started SoulPancake.'

That all makes me love Rainn Wilson so very much. An example of some of the things he encourages us to ponder:

'“        Soulmate in Seven: Describe your soulmate in seven words.

'“        What personal dream have you totally given up on?

'“        Do we have free will?

'“        Who really shot JFK?

'“        Why the hell did I buy an iPad?

So stop by the Strand book store tomorrow to see Rainn Wilson speak for FREE!

Rainn Wilson Book Signing
Strand Book Store
828 Broadway at 12th St.
Monday, Nov. 8

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