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Breakfast Dates in Brooklyn

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Breakfast dates. Kinda awkward sometimes, right? I don’t know who these people are that go on breakfast dates, but it’s just kind of weird to me. Like, there’s clearly no possibility of going home with the other person, you just sort of awkwardly part ways afterward and carry on with the rest of your day, and you both pretend that a bunch of dough with syrup on it counts as real food. It seems like it’s actually a preferable outing for an ex you’re afraid you’ll sleep with or someone you’re trying to give the boot to. Whatever. Whether or not you’re one of those kinds of weirdos or a “normies” who goes out to breakfast the morning after, you have a bazillion options in New York, and especially the Williamsburg/Greenpoint evil empire.

You want something cheap, good, and, sometimes, something that will give you a little street cred. Here’s the scoop:

1) 3 Decker

They do not make places like this anymore. It’s a for real diner with a lady working the register who looks like a for real Lucille Ostero. So, if you want to grab life by the spikes and you’re sick of Enids (and who isn’t?) and waiting for 20 billion hours for Five Leaves to give you a shelf of a table, just walk north a block or two and you’re gonna pay like half of what you would pay pretty much anywhere else. And before you smugly snark at your computer and say “well, I bet all that food is fattening and crap and no local pigs were used to make that bacon blah blah blah”, they DO have an amazing Greek yogurt/fruit/granola plate that pales in comparison to pretty much anything I’ve ever had in Brooklyn that is similar. The portion is so amazing that you like HAVE to eat all of it even if you vom in between. Though you might be right about local ingredients and pigs and whatever, they have a killer feta and spinach omelet regardless. Oh, and they deliver in case you get super lazy.

2) Harefield Road

Consider this the backlash to the backlash, if there even was a backlash to begin with when it comes to their street cred. Yeah, it can get crowded sometimes, but $12 for brunch and coffee or tea AND a mimosa or bloody mary? That’s still a good deal no mater which way you slice it. Also, what kind of magical ingredient is in those damn potatoes? I would sell my firstborn child for them. Their french toast has been my jam for going on like 4 years now.

3) Dizzy’s

Ok, so Dizzy’s isn’t like super street-cred-ish, but I’ll tell you exactly what you need to get there to win the heart of the person you just slept with: the Italian eggs. It’s kind of like an Italian equivalent of Huevos Rancheros, and though that sounds gross and weird, it is quite literally, the best thing in the universe: “Two poached eggs served over cubed focaccia and drizzled with olive oil, parmesan and fresh basil”. NOM.

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G. is a Southern California native living in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn since 2005. Anna is constantly trying to unite her love of CA sunshine and the excitement of the New York urban jungle, all the while trying to keep her unwieldy credit card debt under control, and look fabulous at brunch, no matter how un-showered and hungover.


  1. CLO
    November 8, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Those are the TEO’S Itallian eggs, just to be clear. that has been MY jam for the last 4 years! They deliver as well, but not during the weekend usually. For the Teo’s eggs though, it’s better to eat there. At the very least, when picking up a to-go order (train! park!), crack open the lid to let the steam out and not to overcook the eggs or they won’t run and smother the foccacia properly

    Brunch items come with coffee/tea plus juice

    Also ask for the fresh OJ upgrade, for only $1 more

  2. Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher
    November 15, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    I’m totally with you on Harefield’s potatoes. I would still eat them if I found out puppies were the secret ingredient.