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FREE Guilt-Free Pizza at Revd Up Pi

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Yesterday I posted about Tiffin Wallah, one of less-than-a-handful of places in Murray Hill I’d ever expect to find myself. Cheapskates aren’t too welcome over in the far eastern 30s. In an unprecedented move by fate and fortune, I’m posting about the neighborhood again because the holiest of holies, FREE pizza, is up for grabs at Revd Up Pi.

In what should be an unsurprising move considering the neighborhood, Revd Up Pi isn’t just another pizza joint, or even a highly-prized, old school, rustic establishment. Rather, it’s adding some science to the culinary Italian workhorse and bringing a new age of health to the cheesy goodness. Low carb, low fat cheese, and low calorie are all thrown about nearly recklessly to describe their pies. Like any lifelong New Yorker, I’m skeptical of people messing with the tried and true formula for pizza, but I’m willing to give healthy a shot and at the price of zero dollars it’s hard to beat. Get there early and snack wisely.

FREE Pizza
Revd Up Pi
51 Third Ave. (at 31st St.)
[Murray Hill]
Tuesday, November 9, at 11am

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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