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Stiff Drinks and FREE Shuffleboard at The Whiskey Brooklyn

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The Whiskey Brooklyn, which just opened this past August, is modeled after its two brother bars, The Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown and Whiskey Town in the East Village. Not surprisingly, they offer a wide selection of Scotch, Bourbon, and whiskey divided by provenance, including (for relaxing times) Japan’s own Suntory Yamazaki. The general aesthetic of the bar is like a classy rec room with great music, two FREE shuffleboard tables, and a small arcade room with foosball in the back.

Their spicy pickleback '” a shot of Tom Lawless, and a shot of spicy pickle juice '” could conceivably be thought of as dinner and even at $7 (bit steep) is the best pickleback I have ever tried. I actually just googled 'œnutritional content of pickle juice,' and it turns out there is almost none, soooo you should probably augment your picklebacks with some actual food. The menu is basic bar food but better, including three tacos for $8, burgers for $6, and, for dessert, a Hostess cupcake with a shot of white russian for $7. In keeping with a self-explanatory theme, there is also a menu item called the 'œBowl O’ Bacon' for $5, which really is the only way to serve bacon.

You have to be careful with the mixed drinks, because although they are also $7, they’re mixed in pint glasses instead of lowball glasses. I don’t know if the alcohol content is respectively doubled '” it might just be that you get a lot more mixer '”but I can attest that after two, my talent for shuffleboard had deteriorated considerably.

The Whiskey Brooklyn
44 Berry Street (at North 11th)

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