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Plastic Monstrosities Abound at the MF Toy Festival

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It’s rare for the average semi-adult to buy toys. The reasons for this are likely obvious and range from simple practicality – “I have all the toys I need!” – to blunt truth – “I am sooo broke.” Toys, minus the wide range of adult offerings, are for kids.

But sometimes you have to view the whole toy buying thing from a new angle. The 2010 MF Toy Show, now in it’s eighth year, showcases the often-odd artisan-ship of toy designers like Heather Gargon and Carisa Swenson. Their designs vary, but a clear connection between designers’ work is the tendency towards the jarring and multi-headed. Which means these aren’t your papa’s GI Joes. Thankfully.

The festival’s opening party is Saturday November 20th, 7PM to 10PM. Admission is FREE, but if you decide you want to actually buy anything, then you should likely bring some cash.

2010 MF Toy Show Opening Party
MF Gallery
213 Bond Street
Between Baltic & Butler St [Gowanus]
Saturday, November 20th, 7 – 10 PM

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