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Voidwell Homecoming Dance Better Than Your Homecoming

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Brooklyn, for better or worse, has a glut of musicians and performers who get dubbed “cutting edge” or “the hot new thing.” Much like the terms “awesome,” “extreme,” or “neo-c0nservative,” these terms are overused to the point of becoming meaningless, no different from say “um” or “er” in your sentence. With that said, let me praise the cutting edge, hot new thing of Gordon Voidwell, whom you should see this Saturday at The Bell House with his equally hot cutting edge thing friends Wallpaper, Keepaway, and Midnight Magic.

A lot of acts get by aping the old for old time’s sake, referencing guys like Prince but only reminding you of how much you miss (good) Prince. Voidwell’s sound takes that to its next logical step- a bunch of quality influences better together. Funk, electro, r&b, with a dollop of glam make his act top of the line live and worth a listen to on headphones. Plus, he’s just so damn impeccably dressed. Sharing the marquee are Wallpaper, who have been tearing up the remix scene and occasionally topping the originals they rework. Also on hand are personal favs Keepaway, who have made some fresh and FREE quality tracks with their package Kompetitor. Check that out and their new video for the infinitely catchy “100”. The assembled mass of good-time dancing at this show will be sure to shake you out of your post-turkey stupor, so let Gordon Voidwell give you the homecoming dance you never got but definitely deserved.

Voidwell Homecoming Dance
The Bell House
149 7th Street b/w 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave [Gowanus]
Saturday, November 27th @9pm

$10 adv/$12 door

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