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After no more than fifteen minutes on the phone with the evil asshole that is Comcast, I stand victorious!  Thanks to my roommate’s sharp eye for detail,  we noticed that our monthly $16 Internet discount had run its twelve month course and we were once again being charged the full amount.  I was taught by my super shopper mother to never buy full-price, so I called Comcast and verbally bitch-slapped them into submission.

Actually it was a much more civil interaction than that.  I am not confrontational by nature, but I’ve learned recently that most consumers just roll over and take whatever bullshit price big service companies hand them.  If you take the few extra minutes to call and ask for what you deserve, more often than not, you shall receive.

After speaking to the first representative, who claimed his computer limited his ability to extend my discount, I asked to speak to the manager.  This is the test.  I was put on hold for about seven minutes, which may deter less enthused bargain seekers.  Once I got the supervisor on the phone, I was quickly assured that my business was appreciated and my discount was not only extended, but upped to $20 off for the next six months!

Now I can’t guarantee that level of discount for Comcast or any business for that matter, but the point is, I’ve never failed when calling a large company and asking for a lower rate.  Even if it’s only two bucks a month, it’s worth the five to fifteen minute call.  Below are the basic rules for a successful ask.  Good luck!

Pay attention – Check your bills and look for any sneaky hikes.

Be patient/nice – As I mentioned before, it is not advisable to go straight into dick mode.  If you start out irate, there is no room for escalation.

Ask for the manager – At times the first person you talk to will be able to help you out.  You can quickly tell if they are either unable or unwilling to offer a discount, so just ask to speak to a manager or supervisor.

Threaten to walk – Expressing your inability to stay with the company/program if the rate is not decreased is the magic word.  They know you’re full of it, but I have yet to have them call my bluff.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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