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50% off Vintage Clothes at Room 4!!

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Ever since I started dressing myself, I’ve been wearing second hand clothes. Something about buying mass produced clothes that are supposed to be 'œso fucking in right now' never seemed appealing to me. But the problem with being a cat who likes to dress fly is that so many clothing stores are focused on the ladies. Sometimes people forget that fellas gotta look good too. And that’s exactly why I’m stoked to be doing a Broke Bucks deal with Room 4.

Room 4 is all about making dudes look dope. Everything is hand picked, stylish, and seriously affordable. I got an awesome gingham shirt there awhile back and it’s still one of my favorite things to rock. Plus Room 4 is even stocked with accessories that girls can wear too, so you ladies can stop in to get a vintage t-shirt for your man and walk out with some killer shades for yourself.

What better way to do some holiday shopping than get that shit for 50% off? Buy a Broke Buck for Room 4 for just $25 and get $50 worth of clothes! Damn, I think I’m gonna buy one for myself.

Oh and one more thing, David (the owner) rocks. He’s down with the chile con queso at Avila’s in El Paso like I am. Word to El Paso.

Room 4
904 Valencia St. @ 20th St.
[The Mission]

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