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Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation

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Middle school and early high school were the days before Adult Swim, high speed internet and Ren & Stimpy on DVD (well, DVDs in general), there were very few outlets to find new inappropriate cartoons. Sure, there was Duckman and Beavis and Butthead on the air, but they were hard to follow due to changing timeslots. Instead, I had to wait until Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation came to town. It was supposed to be 18 and over, but I sneaked in when I was 16 by slapping on a bit of make up and giving off a “don’t even think about carding me” vibe. It was everything I ever dreamt it could be.

Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted has been around and touring nationally since 1990. It gave birth to Beavis and Butthead, showed the South Park pilot in public, provided Don Hertzfeld with a constant audience and debuted the PowerPuff Girls. This week, it’s playing at the Bell House. If you like cartoons at all, you will love this show.

Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation
The Bell House
149 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues [Gowanus, Brooklyn]
Thursday December 2, 9pm/Friday December 3, 12am

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

After years of denial, Kiley has finally admitted to baring a striking resemblance to Velma from Scooby Doo. Instead of traveling in a van hunting ghosts, she prefers wandering on foot in search of tacos, cheap beer, and fake birds. Growing up in Portland, Kiley enjoyed the balance of urban and green spaces. Then she spent her four years at Ithaca College, and found herself craving more sprawling asphalt in her life. So she moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where most of the buildings look like they're about to collapse. Kiley's favorite activities include: getting lost, crafting, sewing, biking, and geeking out at museums. Her love of taxidermy probably makes her a terrible vegetarian, but she doesn't care.