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Freeze It: Storing Food Is Good

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There was an article in the NY Times awhile ago about maximizing your freezer; apparently its good to freeze just about anything.  And  I thought it was just good for making cheap vodkas drinkable and preserving November snowballs.

The first point of the article is the broad reminder to save unused food. You will also find some  very specific instructions on how to prepare certain foods for freezing, most involving simple preparation, wax paper, and some plastic.  However, the most basic and most useful advice is to double or triple wrap to ward off freezer burn and to label things clearly, since ” it is incredible how much things grow to resemble another in the freezer. ”

5  Benefits of Freezing Things:
1. It encourages you to save food you may have once considered waste.

2. It allows you to buy bulk things on sale with sensitive expiration dates and keep them longer.

3. It promotes grocery shopping, which is generally cheaper in the long run.

4.  You can cook bulk one day and have many meals ready for the entire week.

5. You’ll be more like your mom.

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