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Broke-Ass Etiquette: Wedding Gifts

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Q: Dear Half-Price Headliner,
So, I’m friends with a couple getting married, and I’m invited to both the wedding and the bachelor party. Both entail flying out to California. Also, the bachelor party will cost me a fair bit of money. So, what is the etiquette on wedding gifts? I will spend a few hundred dollars on coming out to both the wedding and the bachelor party, so what is my obligation as for a gift?

A: At this point, you aren’t obligated to drop more cash on a gold plated tissue box holder, or whatever other crap they registered for.  You’ve earned the right to present a more sentimental, heart felt gift to honor their union and life together (aka FREE-ish).

You’ve monetarily paid your dues, and can focus more on your memories of them and their relationship.  Seriously though, if you know the couple well enough to be in the wedding party, you’ll know how to show you care without dropping more dough.

If you need gift ideas, that’s another story.  Just be creative.  Think photos, stories, songs, poems, etc.  Whatever will jerk a tear and last a lifetime.  No pressure.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Ali was born and raised in the Wholesome/Creepy capital of the world, Salt Lake City, UT. Once she was old enough to blow that pop stand she escaped to the place that was the anti-SLC: The Peoples Gay-public of Drugifornia aka San Francisco (holla 30 Rock!). You can now find her throughout this glorious city slurping Pho and scheming with her best friend Pinky doing what they do every night; try and take over the world.


  1. Laura
    December 7, 2010 at 11:30 am

    I prefer to not give wedding gifts…their gift is my PRESENCE 🙂 Prevents them from becoming spoiled entitled assholes, yanno?

  2. December 7, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Love “broke-ass”, so funny! Regarding a gift, I agree, no need to become a “broke-ass” after spending plane fare. The fact that you’ve spent that much to go to a wedding, that’s the gift.

  3. laracrafty
    July 13, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    The best frugal wedding gift that I have  ever given, was actually one of the couples favorites out of all of the other gifts that they received.

    All you need is a little skill, time, and roughly (roughly) $30.00.

    By using YouTube, I taught myself how to crochet, for free.
    ( I borrowed yarn and crochet hooks at first, then saved up a little cash to get my own supplies. You can purchase super cheap-o plastic crochet hooks to start, or even just keep borrowing them  )

    *Note, I am left handed…  YouTube has a TON of both lefty and righty “how to” videos for crocheting.

    Now when it comes to the supplies.  AC Moore and Michaels Craft Stores usually, weekly, have 50% off coupons. (on one item)

    I’d take advantage of said coupons, print out a bunch, and go buy yarn.
    Id go a few times a week, buying one thing at a time, half price.
    For this project you need 3 large balls of ONE Pound Yarn  ( which runs about $8 each… but by using my coupons I cut the cost of these in half )

    (Sometimes you can get away with printing several coupons, and going back each day of the week to use one )

    Your total (without the crochet hook) is now roughly $12.00.

    After I learned how to crochet better, I found a pattern for a 5 hour throw, which, give or take, DOES take about 6 hours to make, depending on your skill level/speed/time ect.
    Here is the pattern:
    3 balls of ONE POND Yarn should do it, cheaper

    You will need a Crochet Hook – Size Q
    3 balls of ONE POUND Yard (your choice of color)
    Fringes optional

    **Note if you have trouble translating the pattern there are tons of websites out there that you can go to that list what each abbreviation means**
    I whipped up a Tan Afghan in about a day.
    Advantages: it looked pretty, shows that you care (due to the home made value), it is something that will last the newlyweds a long time, is functional, can per personalized (with which ever colors you know they may like), the list goes on and on.

    It takes effort and time, but believe me it’s better than shelling out a ton of money on that $200+ KichenAid Mixer that they listed on their registry.

  4. October 2, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Maybe a sincere thank you card, but nothing more. The expectations around weddings have become totally outrageous. Two separate flights out to Cali? You’re a better friend than me 😉