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Hear From Some of Funny’s Finest at Tell Your Friends!

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It takes a sharp mind and brass balls to be funny. You’re always risking humiliation with every quip, anecdote, or pun you put out there in the world to ideally get some laughs but more likely than not will just get groans (especially with puns). When someone steps up to the big leagues and actually gets paid to be funny, well, you’re dealing with a small ass minority for sure. If you want to join the ranks, take some notes at tonight’s Tell Your Friends comedy with the writers of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Despite his tendency to corpse in skits, Jimmy Fallon has come into his own as a talk show host, eliciting a good combination of charm and wit. Dare you not to laugh during his Neil Young parodies. But behind every great comedian are even better writers who are probably not as handsome but definitely more winsome. You’ll finally get to see them without the cipher of Fallon as they take the stage and give you a smart dose of funny you don’t often get to appreciate. As hosted by Liam McEneaney you will surely have much to learn on brand name comedy but also get to see what happens when comedians bust free from the man. Plus, a performance by The Reformed Whores, a couple of babes who jam on esoteric instruments about doing it. What’s a reason not to go?

For purposes of search engines, the lineup includes:

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David Angelo
Patrick Borelli
Eric Ledgin
Morgan Murphy
Jon Rineman
Sara Schaefer
Justin Shanes

Tell Your Friends! w/ the Writer’s of Jimmy Fallon
Lolita Bar
266 Broome St. (at Allen St.)

[Lower East Side

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