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$3 of Falafel Heaven at Oasis in Williamsburg

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Before embarking on a recent trip across ye olde pond, I asked pals for cheap eats tips since my budget baller ways must follow me wherever I go. After an overwhelming response to try the same “it’s the best in the world, seriously” falafel joint in Paris, I was considerably stoked to break my ham and cheese backpacker diet for some belly rubbin’. The setting was right: I walked all day to build up my appetite, had a couple beers which makes everything taste better, and had learned to say “hot sauce, please” in French to make sure it was perfect. But after only one bite I realized… this was no Oasis Falafel, and that made me sad for reasons more than how much more I paid for the Parisian one thanks to our weak dollar. I mean, I still ate every crumb of it, but now feel like you fine people must know what good–nay, world-class–eats lie just steps from the Bedord L.

For $3 will get you a pita loaded with freshly cooked, well-seasoned falafel (they’ve made it fresh to order every time I’ve gone), and an awesome savory/sweet combination of marinated red cabbage salad, pickles, tahini, onions, lettuce, tomato, and hot sauce if you ask for it. Throw on hummus or babaghanouj for a mere $.50 more, or make it a plate that you will probably not be able to finish with warm rice, fresh salad, hummus or babaghanouj for just $6. Personally, I suggest going with a pal and ordering $3 sides like Mojadara (lentils, rice, sweet sauce sauteed onions) or Mousaka (eggplant in tomato sauce). If you need meat to call it a meal, the $5 Shawarma and Shish Kabob sandwiches are worth a try, too.

The service is always fast–I’ve never waited more than 3-5 minutes–so everything is still warm and delicious even if you take it to go and inhale in private. My only gripe is that the pita bread they use consistently breaks trying to hold all of the goods, but in the grand scheme of deliciousness I see this as a small setback. At just $3, I will wear any and all inevitable tahini stains with cheap eats pride.

161 N. 7th Street (at Bedford)
[Williamsburg, Brooklyn]

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Jill S.

Jill S.

Jill is an Ohio native and Boston University graduate who refuses to stop saying "pop" and wearing her Red Sox gear despite being heckled for doing so since moving to Brooklyn. She's been honing her thrifty ways since doing that silly thing people talk about when they ignore reason to follow their hearts and chose a career in the fulfilling but faltering music industry. She earns her beer money as a publicist and writer, and spends her spare time cooking, biking, and trying to decide if she's ready to get a cat.

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