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Tonight: FREE Cover and Burlesque at Supperclub

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Dancing in clubs is basically burlesque already, right?

If you’ve never been to Supperclub, I can’t really blame you – clubs are expensive! But if you ever have the opportunity to get in for cheap, then I highly recommend getting off your regular stool at the dive bar and heading down to Harrison Street because that place is the best sort of ridiculous. The last time I was there one bartender was dressed in an impeccable Charlie Chaplin costume and she stayed in character the entire night, (by which I mean she didn’t talk at all because Charlie Chaplin was in silent films, duh.) They also had ladies in lingerie walking on stilts and handing down glasses of champagne, because why not?

The point of all this is: tonight is one of those opportunities to get in to Supperclub for FREE. Our friend Keyatta and Key to the City are hosting So You Think You Can Dance, Vol II. – a mash up of burlesque and electronic music, and given my experience with the venue, this sounds like a perfect fit. Cover is only $5, but if you RSVP on Facebook before 4pm and show up by 9pm, you’re in for FREE. So get on that.

So You Think You Can Dance Vol II
Burlesque vs. Electronic Sound
Tonight! 8pm – 2am
Supperclub SF
657 Harrison Street between 2nd and 3rd [SoMa]
RSVP on Facebook for FREE entry before 9pm
Otherwise $5 cover

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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