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OMG There is a Lego Store at Rockefeller

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As a general rule, I avoid Rockefeller Center, especially on the weekends. It’s not as much of a cluster fuck as Times Square, but it’s pretty close. I never regretted this until this past weekend, when I discovered there is a Lego Store right by the ice skating rink.

There are very few brands that I am a complete screaming fan girl for, and Lego is one of them. Buildings built from knock off Legos were never as sturdy, and their color pallete was muted and gross. With Legos, you could build a fortress entirely with bright blue bricks, or just stick to the directions to build a castle, pirate ship, etc. As an adult, Legos are one of the few toys that are still fun to play with, versus keeping your Power Rangers for nostalgic purposes. The store blew my mind. There is an entire wall of tubs filled with pieces sorted by color, shape, and size you can buy in bulk. So if you need a small tub of just neon green rectangular pieces, you can make that happen. Even if you’re not buying anything, it feels great to run your hands through the tubs.

Lego sets keep getting more ridiculous over time. There’s a fire station that hooks into a department store, the Death Star, police boats, underwater kingdoms with squids that take hostages…Then there’s the Lego sculptures decorating the store. There is a friendly green sea serpent flowing around the ceiling and a giant Lego guy depicting the statue of Atlas. Legos are still just as expensive as they were when you were a kid, but they’re still just as fun to stare at.

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The Lego Store
620 Fifth Avenue on Rockefeller Center

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