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Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party For Misfit Toys @ Hot Bird

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If you’re Jewish you’ve already received all your presents for the year, and you know what?  A lot of them were probably garbage. Sure, you were nice at the time, but do you really want a pneumatic spatula? Thankfully the good and like-minded people at Brokelyn have he answer with their Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party. Christians- get the lead out, pressures on later this week.

The premise is simple, the potential is unlimited. Come bringing something of any quality of good and add it to the gift pile. Leave something, take something. Beautiful in its mathematical streamlining. None of that worrying of gift caliber when someone gets you an iPod and all you got them was an eraser in the shape of a cocker spaniel. Plus, because this is the holiday season and sobriety is the sworn enemy, there will be drink specials at the already delightful Hot Bird to lubricate the social world and maybe shop for yourself from the bevy of broke cuties. Merry Festivus!

Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party
Tonight, 12/21 @ 7:30
Hot Bird
546 Clinton Ave between Fulton St & Atlantic Ave
[Prospect Heights]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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