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There’s Magic in the Grease at Jimmy’s Diner

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Admittedly, I’m a little distracted while I’m writing this post. I keep staring out my window and watching the snow. It’s in that phase where the flakes are big and fluffy and beautiful. But if you’re sick of the snow and plan to spend the weekend hibernating, you should go to Jimmy’s Diner for your last meal before going into hiding. Everything on the menu will put you into a food coma, but you’ll still have a huge smile on your face while you’re passed out on your couch.

If you haven’t been to Jimmy’s, you’ve probably passed it. It’s a tiny restaurant across from Royal Oak with a pig statue outside its door. And their limited seating is almost always full, because the food is just that good. Jimmy’s serves American diner food with a few southern inspired dishes, and all of the ingredients and flavors are about 5x better than you expect. They’ve got a collection of interesting burgers, classic breakfast items, and big ass salads. But what they’re best at is frying stuff. Case and point: their tater tots. Instead of being the cylinder shaped potato flecks your school cafeteria served, they’re giant balls of fried mashed potatoes with tons of spices. They’re fucking delicious on their own, but even more so with you smother them with cheese, salsa, eggs, etc. Then there’s fried deviled eggs, friend mac and cheese balls, fried pickles, waffles with fried chicken, breakfast bowls with eggs and cornbread…it’s one of those restaurants where everything is the best. And for dessert, they will put anything into a milkshake, including booze and entire slices of pie.

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Jimmy’s Diner
577 Union Avenue

Between Frost and Richardson Streets [Williamsburg,

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  1. January 7, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    their cookie milkshake is so good! they blend a chocolate chip cookie into a milkshake. i miss that thing.