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You know all those stand-up specials you watch on TV? They’re the shows that comedians roll out their best material at after weeks/months/years of honing their funny. Whenever there’s a cut from the comedian to the audience they always seem to be in tears, getting the best of the best from one of the few comedians worthy of the Comedy Central taping. Well, now’s your chance to get sweet, funny love made to your ears by the Daily Show’s own monotone Wyatt Cenac at his new taping. RSVP NOW!!!!!

Cenac has been renaissance-manning about town for years now. Between his always appreciated stints at the Daily Show where he’s done hard hitting interviews with everyone from old Florida Jews to Slim Thug (personal fav) Cenac has also been acting, writing, and always looking like he just woke up. His comedy reflects his Daily Show persona- laid back and clever with a healthy heaping of “did he just say that?” Tapings of merit are hard to find, unless you’re impressed by those Times Square hucksters, so take it upon yourself to see what many will have to subscribe to cable or buy a DVD to see. Cenac’s star is only rising, get there before he starts commanding ludicrous ticket fees. He’ll only be FREE for so long.

Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person
Saturday, January 22nd
NYU’s Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
566 Laguardia Place b/w W 3rd and W 4th [Greenwich Village]

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