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Everything’s Better with Beer: Beer Goggles at 92Y Tribeca

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I probably don’t really need to tell you that beer makes things more fun. Parties…bowling…sitting/walking/standing… add a cold one and anything’s more of a party. The folks at 92Y Tribeca get this, too, and have launched a monthly Beer Goggles film series in which they screen a night of themed movies deemed enhanceable by ABV.

January was a natural choice with “Adam Sandler” as the theme and Billy Madison and Don’t Mess With Zohan as the evening’s selections. February gets a little nerdier with a “Sexy Hackers of ’95” theme and screenings of The Net and Hackers, the latter comically horrible but worth seeing if only because it’s one of the few times Angelina Jolie has actually looked ugly (score one for the common folk!).

Appropriately, the series is co-sponsored by The Lowbrow Reader and according to the 92Y site, they’ve got some upcoming surprises planned like special guest presenters and quote-alongs (as if we don’t do that anyways). Drinks are a little pricey at the on-site cafe, but hopefully you’ve perfected the art of pre-gaming (or the movie theater cover cough) by now.

Beer Goggles Film Series
92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street (btn Vestry & Desbrosses Streets)

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Jill S.

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