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All right, you win: Cats don’t wear pajamas, and if you think you’ve seen it, that was actually a dog. But tonight, you can see the next best thing: brainy, brawny skirt Ginger Murray‘s ginchy cabaret at the Make-Out Room.

Every Cat’s Pajamas event honors past cultural aesthetics through artistic performances, from bands to burlesque. Tonight’s theme, “Stone Fox & Bangs,” celebrates the style and feel of strong ’60s chicks. So come decked out in your mini-dress and Ivy Leaguers, go ape with the Jackie Ks, and get to trollin’ for that free love. Bring your college-ruled Meads, too, because you’re gonna get a historical-type learnin’.

Performers include The Bang, a local band covering 1960s hits by female vocalists; poet and WordParty founder Jennifer Barone; go-go dancers; and Fox & Woman, a musical act that will make you feel like you’re trippin’ balls — in a good way. With Ginger as your teach, you’ll dig what this decade was all about. And the sliding scale means you won’t blow a lot of bread.

Everyone knows the Make-Out Room is groovy, despite the definite dearth of actual making out that takes place there. But The Cat’s Pajamas is beating its feet to Slim’s for its next go-round in June, so fit in your foxy fix while you can.

The Cat’s Pajamas: Stone Fox & Bangs at the Make-Out Room 3225 22nd St. at Mission [The Mission] Monday, February 28 at 8pm $5-10 [sliding scale]
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Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

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