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FREE Pancakes Today at IHOP

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Sure, why not? Apparently March 1st is National Pancake Day. I mean, whatever. Where do these holidays come from? Are they sanctioned by any sort of higher power that has to weight the historical significance of this day over all others to celebrate flapjacks? What were waffles up to on this day in history? Probably just hanging back, being delicious and not giving a shit about you. Waffles don’t need you or your silly holiday, they know they’re great. Pancakes, the fried breakfast batter of insecurity, can have March 1st, and you can have a FREE shortstack at any IHOP in town.

As far as fast food chains go for my breakfast fixin, I like my southern excursions to Waffle House, in case you couldn’t tell my bias from the paragraph above. But, to quote Tom Waits, they got a good coffee at the IHOP. So IHOP stands apart from other fast food chains as not having any daring exposes about how their pancakes are made with third world orphan baby tears or that they’ve bought out the entirety of South America, and that’s fine. As a place to sling you some quick n’ cheap breakfast on a lonely highway it does its job and does it without crazy frills or going off the deep end of ridic marketing (looking at you, Denny’s). Feel free to be a patron at one of its few spots around town if your everything bagel isn’t doing it for you today. And mark your calendars for free waffle day, which is a real cause to celebrate.

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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