Jeff Bridges is Good at Websites

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A while back I shared a few of my favorite ways to procrastinate.  In my never-ending quest to stall, daydream, and generally fuck around instead of focusing on the task at hand, I am always finding new and exciting distractions.  For instance, it took me nearly two hours to write this post.  Why?  Jeff Bridges.

Turns out, the Dude himself has a pretty kick-ass website that he regularly updates with his photographs, illustrations, philanthropic projects and other awesome shit that makes him happy.  As a rule of life, I am in favor of anything Jeff Bridges likes, so I naturally looked at every single bit of info that J.B. deemed worthy.  To summarize, because I’m tired and I just found a section of the site that I missed, here are a few things I learned from my experience:

1. Jeff Bridges loved his mom.
2. Jeff Bridges is a pretty good illustrator.
3. Jeff Bridges is also quite good at photography.
4. Jeff Bridges loves his wife…and Matt Damon.
5. Jeff Bridges has had the same stand-in for much of his career.
I really love Jeff Bridges.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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