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Meet The Living Cartoon Who Created Hello Kitty for FREE

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 18:19
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Well, isn’t this something. Here I was always under the impression that Hello Kitty just sort of, like, happened. Like one day we all went to sleep and the next we woke up and there was this ubiquitous, mouthless cat that was emblazoned upon anything with a surface. And, probably, Sanrio (the company who does the emblazoning) is hard at work figuring out a way to put that cat face on your various liquids and gases, too. Despite my assumptions, it turns out a one Yuko Yamaguchi created the saccharine feline, and you can meet her tomorrow (3/16) at Sephora’s SoHo location.

Let me preface this- I am recommending this event because I could use some witnesses. All images of Yuko Yamaguchi lead me to believe she herself is a cartoon created by our Jungian subconscious and I’d like to know if she’s real or animated. More event specific, though, the description of what’s going to go on at Sephora tonight is hilarious. “[Yamaguchi] will be signing cosmetics and accessories from this whimsical line” as in you will get make up signed, which is not something I realized anyone wanted but sure, why not?

Better, though, is “Sephora beauty experts re-create signature Hello Kitty looks on you.” I can only imagines this involves dilating your pupils, coloring your skin neon pink, and removing your mouth. Unless Hello Kitty has some other signature looks. Maybe that surly penguin. Anyway, here’s a chance to have one of Japan’s most prolific cultural imports contextualized while also getting whiskers painted on your face by makeup artists. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t think there’s anything else I could add to sway you. Enjoy!

Meet Yuko Yamaguchi, Designer of Hello Kitty, at Sephora SoHo
555 Broadway b/w Prince St and Spring St [SoHo]
Wednesday, March 16, 5:00pm

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