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Lunch and Comida at Madeline’s

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Spring is coming, and after spring comes summer, and that means you will be starting to hit up parks in NYC. A whole list of posts could be devoted to the ongoing entertainment programs you can expect from each concrete and dirt patch we call “parks” in this city, but one stalwart is movies in Bryant Park. They’re good, they’re free, and allow for picnics. For when you’re in the park’s neck of the woods, I can highly recommend in lieu of ‘wichcraft stands to go one block away to Madeline’s for a nosh of fresh Mexican to sate you and your wallet.

The storefront itself sets it apart from the bland buffet delis around midtown by actually looking like it cares about its appearance. A little artistic ornamentation and tiling goes a long way. The way ordering works is that there’s a bushel of pre-fab sammies and salads like most take out spots, but there’s also a menu of made-to-order goodness and a steam tray for specials. Those specials are pretty good and varied, easily shifting from jambalaya to Cajun fish. The best stuff is their Mexican fare, covering your tortilla basics with well-adorned burritos, tacos, and fajitas.

It should be noted this is more of a “nice” Mexican food place, so the grub won’t be Bushwick tacos but more like, well, midtown tacos, if you get what I mean. Best part of all is that everything is probably a dollar less than it needs to be (don’t tell the owners) and stuff usually comes with good chips or a cookie free of charge. So indeed, nosh away and be ready for those hungry summer days. Lord knows I am on this gray day.

60 W 39th St
B/T 5th & 6th Ave

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