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Great Broke-Asses of the Past: Cody Lambert

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Growing up,  I had very few role models to show me the way of the Broke-Ass.  Financial success was lauded and prioritized in all my favorite television shows, and while it was fun to see all the cool shit Richie Rich had in his pad, none of that knowledge would be helpful to me in the future.

After falling asleep watching TV last night, I awoke to realize that there had been a few surreptitious Broke-Ass characters weaved into my entertainment upbringing.  Today, I would like to highlight Cousin Cody, of Step By Step fame.

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I was drawn to the show by the catchy theme song and roller coaster montage opener, and was a captive audience because of the crazy second-marriage hijinks and the fact that we shared a last name.  Cody was the icing on the delightfully dysfunctional cake.   Refusing a room in the house, and residing for cheap in his van parked out back, the sometimes annoying, but always lovably dim-witted cousin brought joy to all around him.

Once in a while, Cody could be found raiding the refrigerator, much to Uncle Frank’s chagrin, though he always paid his dues by dishing out unexpected wisdom and comfort.  He was a DIY-er to the max, constantly working on improving his van-home, but embracing his simple lifestyle.  He also knew karate.

Cody taught me that all you need to be happy is a strong support system of kooky step-families, a sense of humor, and a kick-ass van, and for that, sir, I salute you.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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