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Yelp Does Something Worthwhile, Gives You Cheap Booze

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Allow me a second to pour on some haterade. Yelp provides a good basic service at its core, but it leads to abuses of power that drown out any actual establishments voice in its own reputation. Frankly, any star system seems pretty petty when trying to objectify an opinion, and the lack of accountability of being, say, a critic for an established periodical just leads to a lot of bilious screed being written about a joint that dared forget to put your dressing on the side. That said, it’s giving back to the world this week and offering discounts on a lot of beverages all over town.

This is pretty much the archetype of blogs devoted to going-ons about town. Tell me honestly if you came to this site to look for something of higher priority than cheap, cheap booze. Perusing through the selection I’m definitely down to see the South Billyburg constellation of bars (what, Trophy Bar was a holdout?) and some margarita potential. Finger’s crossed the sunshine comes along and it might seem a skosh more Mexican around here, it’d really complete the vibe. The list is pretty dang comprehensive and many neighborhoods are represented, even if the bars skew a bit, shall we say, meh. But hey, cheap booze is cheap booze, and it’s more convenient than a lot of lengths I’ve gone for that, so enjoy your soused week. Be sure to thank the Yelpers (Yelpists? Yelpinistas?) on the way out with the appropriate number of stars.

Yelp Drinks Week
Various locations [All City]
Through Apr. 10th

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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