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CAMP For FREE – The Clarion Alley Mural Project

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If you know your way around The Mission you’ve likely stumbled upon Clarion Alley.  For those who haven’t, this one is for you.

The way I understand it Clarion Alley Mural Project was formed by a handful of locals nearly twenty years ago. This post isn’t about the history, though. CAMP is easily one of the greatest FREE art shows in the city. You can find everything from wild conceptual work to bold and specific political statements that appear to have been done with spray paint and stencils.

On any given day you can cruise through the alley only to find a solo artist adding touch-ups to a piece or completely revamping a wall. It’s quite the sight. These artists are undeniably friendly – always willing to speak with you about their work or graciously accept compliments from those of us who, like me, lack such talent. Crowds typically grow quickly as it is difficult to avert your eyes.

This place can create a strange vibe – not twilight zone strange, but the vibe of community and acceptance that we seldom experience today.

Get your broke ass out there, grab a few beers, and check out all Clarion Alley has to offer.  From locals to tourists – if you dig art in its purest form on the cheap this place is for you.

Clarion Alley Mural Project
Clarion Alley [Mission]
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Thanks to Razblint for the photo

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