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Great Broke-Asses of the Past: Joey Gladstone

Updated: Aug 31, 2011 09:22
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The Broke-Ass BFF of Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, was one of my first true Broke-ass models. As a frequently out of work comedian, Joey lived by the beat of his own jingle, living the life of an artist and never compromising his dreams (except for that episode where Phyllis Diller makes him quit comedy, and he tries to be a serious business man and wears and a suit and demands to be called Joe, but then DJ follows suit, quitting the guitar. Being the A+ role model that he is, Joey realized the error of his ways, has a heart warming talk with DJ, and resumes his role as comedy god).

Ah, but I digress (Cut. It. Out.). For the most part, Joey embraced his broke-titude, living in the alcove of the living room, and then the garage/basement during his time in that kooky, Full House. His wardrobe consisted of obviously thrifted Hawaiian shirts and his favorite hockey jerseys, teaching me that fashion does not depend on the heft of one’s wallet. Joey also refused to sell out, or move out, even with the success of his hit television show, “Ranger Joe.”

While Joey Gladstone was not a biological uncle of the three Tanner sisters, he often acted as a surrogate parent to them and us viewers, warming our hearts and tickling our funny bones. I learned many a life lesson from the lovable Broke-Ass, including how to do a killer Bullwinkle impression. Thanks Uncle Joey.

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