Making Money with YouTube with Little to No Effort

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 16:08
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“Girl you have a problem”: my favorite comment on my video

Let me tell you a morning time (or whatever time you are reading this, really) story. A long long time ago back when we were all younger, like four years ago, you couldn’t post videos to Flickr. I know, shocking, right? Well, to make a short story even shorter, a friend made a group of us go watch when the Queen Mary II went under the Golden Gate Bridge.

It involved a large crowd, a lot of sitting and waiting, and we got real bored. I posted the video on YouTube, so I could share the link and make fun of the friend who made us go watch this oh-so-exciting event. After we all had a good chuckle for a few minutes, I completely forgot about my video: “QM2: The Biggest Boat in the Universe.” But oh ho ho, it didn’t not go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to me, that video was ruffling a few feathers at my claims of boat, biggest boat, and even the universe.

One day I got an email saying there was a comment posted to my YouTube video. Puzzled, I took a gander. There were pages and pages of people yelling at me, because the QM2 is a ship, not a boat, how dare I, people yelling at each other about what the actual biggest ship in the world is, and then people yelling just to yell. So many people watched the video (I get excited when more than 20 people view my photos on Flickr) that Google offered me the opportunity to put ads on it.

Yesterday, I received a check for a hundred dollars. I’m planning on withdrawing it all in pennies and making it rain and filming that and see what happens. My video that occupied my brain space for about for two seconds, lasts 24 seconds, and has almost 500, 000 views and 700 comments, a good portion of them are people calling each others’ mothers mean names.

So I think I’ve found the trick to making some lunch/drug/internet bill money off YouTube:

Step One: Find something that people are oddly passionate about. Ships, I’m guessing maybe trains and planes too, Justin Bieber, cute animals.

Step Two: Claim something inaccurate or simply debatable in your title or description. Like “This Choo-choo train goes ten thousand miles an hour” or “If JBiebz got his haircut, he’d be as cute as my boyfriend” or “Ugly tiny kitten doing terrible tricks.”

Step Three: (AKA PROFIT): Now your hook is baited, sit back and wait for the YouTube crazies to jump in.

You’re welcome.
PS. You might want to turn your sound down a little before you watch it. We are pretending we are the boat. Ahem, sorry. Ship.
[youtube DlDwCdzWOTU]

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Jessica Longo - Two-Bit Reporter

Jessica Longo - Two-Bit Reporter

Jessica was born, moved around a lot and has an odd dialect to prove it (see: hella, bubbler, and cawfee), and is now precariously settled in SF. Despite graduating high school too many years ago to count, she was crowned Prom Queen this summer and considers her life complete now. Last year her production editing job was outsourced to the Philippines. Hope they like it. Luckily for you, this Lady of Leisure is currently accepting applications for the position of Wealthy Benefactor.