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Nothing Is Ever Full Price at Croxley Ales

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I don’t often hit up sports bars. Not because I don’t care about sports, mind you, but I don’t always have the desire to watch a game unfold due to the usual ineptitude of NY teams. Frankly, I don’t need to watch the Knicks/Jets/Giants/Mets/yes, even the Yankees crash and burn when I can just read the Post’s pun headline the next day. However, some games (like last night’s typical crash and burn of Knicks v. Celtics) are worthy of watching over some American passtimes of beer n’ wings n’ junk. For these purposes I can only recommend the crowded, sweaty, cheap, and therefore perfect sports bar of Croxley Ale House.

With actually attentive waitstaff, kerjillions of TVs, and a really replete beer list (which boasts “nothing from the following brands: Miller, Coors, Budweiser”) the place does appeal to those who actually want to enjoy the bar they’re in and drink good beer while watching the Knicks lose. What really gets my cheap heart pumping with this place, though, is the perpetual food specials they have. 10¢ wings during the beginning of the week is only the beginning.

From lunch specials, beer flights, Nacho Madness, they basically have a treat for any time of any day of the week to satisfy your man hunger for meat and fried and MEAT. Besides, it’s on Ave B, so if the sportsness starts to tire go around the corner to some artisanal cocktail spot. So, to summarize, Go New York, Go New York, GO! to Croxley (ugh, sorry for that).

Croxley Ale House
28 Avenue B
Between 2nd St and 3rd St
East Village

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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