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Drink to Impress at Hotel Delmano

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Oooh so you got yourself a date, did you!? Well, well, well. Maybe it’s with the guy/girl you’ve been giving the creep eye to on the subway; maybe it’s just with yourself. In either case, now you need to put on a touch of fans’ and do your best not to ruin this. DO NOT RUIN THIS!

Williamsburg’s Hotel Delmano can help you out. Its speakeasy/Parisian cafe vibe makes you forget you’re only blocks from trash-laden Bedford Ave. The soft lighting makes you feel attractive, and the soft music makes you feel heard.

At $10-12 for each poshy but very delicious cocktail this is not a place to have more than one or two drinks. But as someone who has before brought their own nip of booze and poured it into a diet coke at a bar, it says a lot that I will pay for one of these cocktails.  I had the “Smoke and Flowers” – single malt with St. Germain and lemon – and then switched to the $6 Southampton IPA so I could still bike home/afford groceries. The $16 cheese and meat board is great if you have a few other folks to nosh it with, otherwise go for a smaller plate like the chorizo ($3) or mixed olives ($5). Then congratulate yourself for being a sophisticated adult, even just for one drink.

Hotel Delmano
82 Berry Street (at N. 9th Street)

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Jill S.

Jill S.

Jill is an Ohio native and Boston University graduate who refuses to stop saying "pop" and wearing her Red Sox gear despite being heckled for doing so since moving to Brooklyn. She's been honing her thrifty ways since doing that silly thing people talk about when they ignore reason to follow their hearts and chose a career in the fulfilling but faltering music industry. She earns her beer money as a publicist and writer, and spends her spare time cooking, biking, and trying to decide if she's ready to get a cat.