DIY: Pot Rack

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Creating space in small apartments is a finely cultivated broke-ass skill. From putting your dresser in the closet, to hanging fabric to separate room space, and creating book space in the rafters, we’ve all had a studio that required some crafty use of space. Last weekend my fella and I made a lattice pot rack, which cost us about $15 – it could have been less, but we had to buy a bit more lattice than we needed…which worked out great since I immediately tripped over it and broke off a significant chunk. Yay, me. However, the pot rack was phenomenally easy and gained us some much needed room in our space-starved kitchen.

Came out pretty good.

We just marked the wall where the lattice needed to go, tapped in some nails (in the middle of the Xs), then liberally strung S hooks up and down it. The only catch – the S hooks aren’t held in place so they might fall off or wiggle about when you move items off and on the rack. If lattice isn’t really your thing, you’ve got some other options; I’ve already shown you how to make the bike-wheel pot rack, but you can also use colored pegboard.

Image courtesy DesignSpong (Sneak Peek D's)

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It’s pretty much exactly the same as the lattice, although you might want to put wall spacers up between the wall and the screws. With either method you get the option to upgrade using paint or wall paper, etc.
The more industrial option is just as cheap and relies on re-bar, eye-hooks and S-hooks. Screw the eye-hooks into the beam or ceiling, hang the re-bar using the S-hooks, then hang your stuff using more S-hooks. Chair leg tip covers can be added to the ends.

Image courtesy

Ladders and fences are other options, check here and here for inspiration.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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