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Jump Into Caffeinated Hyperspace at Flying Saucer Cafe

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Atlantic Ave has always been a pretty lively business strip that changes dramatically with each block, especially in the strip between the BQE and the Atlantic Yards. Walking the small distance brings you from Brooklyn’s unofficial antiques district to Islamic supply store clusters. Naturally, as it is the border of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Boerum Hill, plenty of chic stuff has popped up. Feel free to indulge in the fancy boutiques or the gourmet bakeries. Fitting in to this constellation of eclectic cultural consumption is the endearing Flying Saucer Cafe, a nice big coffeeshop with a charming staff, comfy couches, and enough sci-fi paraphernalia to satisfy Gene Roddenberry.

I know what you’re thinking- a coffee shop is a cafe is a coffee shop is a cafe. In some ways, sure, you’re right. However, in every other way you’re wrong. FSC distinguishes itself by offering cherished, delicious space to sprawl out on or set up a laptop. Plus, there’s a nice big backyard to offer respite from the busy thoroughfare from which you enter the place. The staff are affable cuties who are happy to engage in some polite convos while you wait for a bagel to toast- there’s none of that barista snobbery to get you down. Food is your basic hot food, from bagel sammies to paninis and salads, and the coffee is made by Gorilla for all you snobs out there. If you hang out they do offer a nice discount on refills. So, in summation, the FSC is a great place to charge up when you’re in the neighborhood before blasting into a galaxy far, far away, which is what Brooklyn Heights can feel like.

Flying Saucer Cafe
494 Atlantic Avenue b/w Nevins St and 3rd Ave
[Boerum Hill]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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