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Keg & Lantern: The Happiest Hour There Is

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Keg & Lantern was born a poor black child. Just kidding, sorry, I swear I’m not an asshole attempting to make a bad The Jerk joke (yes I am). Anyhow, Keg & Lantern is a totally decent pub/sports-type place that has truly superior pub food AND the best happy hour specials I’ve ever seen.

First of all, their happy hour starts at 11am and doesn’t end until 9pm every weekday. EVERY WEEKDAY FOR TEN HOURS, guys. One of the happy hour specials is a shot and a beer for $5, PLUS any well drink or beer on tap for $4. Not bad for TEN fucking hours a day, guys. The funny thing is that their food is actually the main reason I go there. They have a pretty fantastic veggie sandwich, and they always have had a nice rotation of entree salads. That being said, they also have your standard burgers, etc.

The only “catch” as far as I can tell about this place is that it caters more to a Polish-speaking crowd– most of the clientele and all the bartenders seem to be Polish. So, yeah, it’s not exactly a hip, happenin’ swinging singles Regal Beagle in there (also, I’m apparently 60 years old), but if you want to just grab a casual drink & good meal, this is it. It’s like what Applebees pretends that it is, but is actually the total opposite. The best part is, it’s not even super far up in Greenpoint– it’s very close to 5Leaves, the Nassau G stop, and a 15 minute walk from the Bedford L.

Keg & Lantern
95 Nassau Ave
Between Leonard & Manhattan [Greenpoint]

Photo courtesy of NYMAG

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G. is a Southern California native living in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn since 2005. Anna is constantly trying to unite her love of CA sunshine and the excitement of the New York urban jungle, all the while trying to keep her unwieldy credit card debt under control, and look fabulous at brunch, no matter how un-showered and hungover.