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LADEEZ! Get your Shecky’s on Tonight! And Tomorrow Night!

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Hooo girl, you know we go out with other girls. But why not toss a goodie bag, merchant designers, artisan jewelers, snacks, and drinks (BOOZE Y’ALL) into the mix? Event promoter Shecky’s is bringing you $10 off tickets to its 10th anniversary of Girls Night Out.

With your ticket, you get complimentary drinks and snacks. You’ll stroll around in your Louboutins, sipping cosmos with your BFFs, and trading gossip about the bitches around you (“Did you SEE the look she gave me?!” “Girl, she just jealous of your fab perm!”). You’ll explore the merchant booths: Stella & Dot jewelry, Fan Clothing, Lashfully eyelash extensions (“Oh. My. God. Becky, look — at her — lashes. They are so long.“), and more. Plus you get goodie bags, filled with potential regifts from The Body Shop, Michelob Ultra, Lady Speed Stick (“That hussy smells like Degree!”), and Cointreau. If you pay an extra $10 (totally negating what you saved earlier, but whatever), you can take a quick Cointreau mixology class. The end goal appears to be to get totally wasted with a bunch of other women at a decent price — so just like every other Tuesday and Wednesday night, right?

Girls Night Out at Herbst Pavilion
99 Marina Blvd., Fort Mason Center [The Marina]
Tuesday, May 10, and Wednesday, May 11, 5-10pm
$20 for general admission, $30 for additional Cointreau mixology class

Photo courtesy of Shecky’s

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Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

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