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Three Cheers For Pasties! See The Dapper Flappers’ Burlesque Show This Thursday

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It’s that time of year. The sun is out, allergies are kicking up, and clothing starts to shed. You can always tell when spring has finally sprung based on necklines getting lower and hemlines getting higher (applies for guys as well with the advent of the deep V-neck). It’s a time to celebrate the exposition of skin from beneath the layers of wool and down coats, and what better way to do it than watching some fishnetted babes shuck and jive accompanied by some smooth tunes? If you can answer with a “better” way I disown you, so for all the rest of you that agree with me check out The Dapper Flappers Present “The Boobie Shuffle.”

Hosted by Dylan Marron, a regular at the PIT, this is the NYC debut of the Flappers, a group which has formed after performing solo or part of other revues in the past. The vibe is one of old-school seduction where sweaty basslines and corsets reign supreme. These are girls who take their pasties seriously, and will leave you feeling hot under the collar with a swing in your step. The live performances are a mixture of sweet dances, velvety singing, and good humor to perk up your Thursday. Also on the bill for the night at Public Assembly is Kinky Spigot and the Welders, a rollicking party-time soul band, and The Love Dimension, a psychedelic band from the Bay Area (hi, west coast readers!). After the show is a set from DJ Chaz Van Queen to keep the party going until whenever o’ clock.

So I must ask you again; what’s better than babes in tiny clothes stripping down to tinier clothes to celebrate the nice new season? Don’t answer- just get your ticket, sit back, and enjoy the sashaying.

The Dapper Flappers Present “The Boobie Shuffle”
Thursday, May 12 @ 8:30pm
Public Assembly
70 N. 6th St b/w Kent Ave and Wythe Ave
Buy tickets here

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