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Don’t Forget About Mountain Lake Park!

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Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, respectively, are the parks when it comes to San Francisco.  Mountain Lake Park tends to go unnoticed in comparison to these giants.

Let’s not forget that Mountain Lake Park has equally as much to offer as those mentioned above.  This place has something for everyone – athletes, hipsters, dog enthusiasts – you name it.

The first thing you will notice is the path that runs the entire length of the park.  On one end you will find a few tennis courts.  In my many passes by I’ve gathered that it is relatively easy to grab an open court.  They never seem to be terribly crowded.  On the opposite end is a dog park.  You don’t need to see it to know it’s there – the smell will tell you plenty.  Anyway, it seems to be a decent place to bring your dog for a bit.  There is usually a crowd of other dog enthusiasts with whom to mingle.  Last but not least, there is a large, open area with great views of Mountain Lake itself.  This part of the park is perfect for a few Saturday beers in the sun.

Ultimately, a visit to Mountain Lake Park is completely FREE.  If your broke-ass pale skin could use some sun, grab a few cheap, cold ones and enjoy everything the park has to offer.

Mountain Lake Park
9th Ave. at Lake Street
[Inner Richmond]

Photo courtesy of Yelper L. Y.

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