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Tee hee…Meatballs. For Cheap! At Ikea!

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Considering the name of this blog, I’m taking a stab in the dark and assuming you’re no stranger to the model rooms and big blue bags that accompany a trip to Ikea. In fact, considering your roommates an ass hole and jumped on your bed, breaking the frame, you probably have to go down to Red Hook about now so you don’t have a sink hole in the middle of your back. Or your cat decided your rug lacked a certain eau-de pee. Or you broke up with your roomie and suddenly realized they owned everything except that dead plant. Anyway, the reasons are legion, but now you can add one more: their Swedish meatball plate discounted to $2.49 every Tuesday afternoon.

For a furniture store built with the same philosophy as the Lego company (both Scandinavian, go figure) the food at Ikea is surprisingly palatable, even good dare I say. I’m not exactly running out to it for a fine dining experience, but let’s talk some real; furniture shopping sucks something fierce. After comparing numerous dressers and shelves you kinda need a recharge, and why not eat culturally? The meatballs at Ikea have their own weird cult following, probably something to do with the idiosyncratic nature. This dish comes with 15 meatballs, potatoes, and lingonberries in a cream sauce, which certainly ain’t what they’re serving in Costco. For such a cheap price might as well explore the cult meatball, and try not to giggle while ordering it.

Meatball Tuesdays @ Ikea
Available 4-8:30pm
[Red Hook]

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