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Bushwick is a fast growing neighborhood in the all the right ways for many of you young college kids, broke-ass artists and mentally unstable kooks, who frequently roam Broadway, Myrtle Ave., and Knickerbocker Ave. Nightly there are loft parties, dance parties, rooftop parties, live music, gallery openings, film screenings and anything else your sensitive tortured heart may desire. I moved to the Bed-stuy / Bushwick area six years ago, back when the only spot worthwhile was Goodbye Blue Monday, but in the past two years it’s been almost surreal to see the amount of hip cafes, bars, galleries, restaurants and stores that are popping up, which is probably due to GBM’s integrity.  Of these recent openings I’ve come to find only one real bar that doesn’t have a shtick. You know, a bar where one can sit and have a stiff drink in peace or, if you’re in the mood, drunkenly flirt with the cutie next to you. This spot is called the Lone Wolf.

Their drink specials include the typical shot and beer combo for five bucks, Tecate and shot for six bucks, Mcclure’s pickle back for two bucks, and during the 6pm-8pm happy hour three dollar well drinks and two dollar Genesees. And on Friday and Saturday night they have FREE shows starting at 9pm. This place is developing a reputation with rockers, but on the third Saturday of the month the Roots N Ruckus crowd is throwing a show there. And if you’re not the kind of drinker who enjoys live music, you can go there on the weekdays and enjoy the candle-lit ambiance of a bar that was made for real drinkers.

Lone Wolf
1089 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Between Lawton st. and Dodworth st. [Bushwick]

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Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Between Lawton st. and Dodworth st. [Bushwick]

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby dropped out of college at the age of 20, said goodbye to his papaw in the small town of Copper Hill, GA, and went to India, where he studied professional pauperism in ashrams and taught English to children. From New Delhi he flew to London, where emigration considered him a "vagabond with no roots to return to", and he was put on the first plane back to America. After finding himself in the freezing snows of Chicago, some guy at a bar offered him a job transporting a car to NYC, where he is currently stuck in Ridgewood, Queens. His travel website The Music Underground has helped many find the obscure in foreign lands.