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Feel The Big Headroom at 61 Local

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While I don’t ever celebrate someone going out of business, the closed-down garage has been a great boon for alcoholics and art enthusiasts everywhere. Numerous galleries, performance spaces, bars, and restaurants have sprung up from where once upon a time you got your muffler checked. The great advantage to these spaces is their openness as it’s usually just one large, square room with high ceilings and solid floors. Attempting to fill all the space provided in the old Bergen St. garage space it occupies, 61 Local delivers super-solid beer with quite nice snackables and a warmth of vibe that takes up the most space of all.

It’s pretty boring nowadays to talk about craft beer and blah blah. Sure, it was novel a couples years ago, but even 100-year-old dives have started stocking Dogfish Head. 61 Local goes the extra mile to serve beer that didn’t travel farther than Pennsylvania to fill your glass, which means BK favs like Sixpoint are in heavy rotation. It’s not dirt cheap but the prices are pretty friendly.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, BEER FLOATS! Ice cream in stout because fuck and yes. The warmth of vibe comes from traditional means like good lighting and open windows, but also because the only seating are picnic tables- not even stools. Good excuse to get cozy with your neighbor, and considering this is Cobble Hill, you better have some modernist, neo-socialist literature on hand to discuss. Also, I reiterate, BEER AND ICE CREAM!

61 Local
61 Bergen Street b/w Smith St. and Boerum Pl
[Cobble Hill]

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