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FREE Bi-Weekly Yoga in Bryant Park

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Hooray summertime. It makes venues out of the streets and parks that once were blistering nightmares of wind and cold. Now that the sun has peeked out from behind its gray hiding spot we can start using the limited outdoors New York has for a bit of R n’ R. And no better way to achieve some tantric bliss than to take up Bryant Park’s generous offer of FREE yoga on the lawn all summer long every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bryant Park isn’t exactly the most relaxing bastion in this town. Have you ever been to those free movies? Dare to try to go to the bathroom during the middle of a movie everybody’s already seen and you’ll get venom thrown at you from all sides. Lady- you’re sitting on the blanket on the ground, is me lightly treading on one of its corners by accident ruining it so thoroughly? However the opportunity to get some meditative moments while surrounded by the Bank of America building and HSBC is a pretty interesting challenge. Plus it all comes down through lululemon, so it’ll probably be some legit yoga as opposed to some other, more questionable free yoga offers. Take a break from the midtown scramble and be a dog that faces downward.

FREE Yoga in Bryant Park
Tuesdays @ 10am, Thursdays @ 6pm
Bryant Park Lawn

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