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5 Karaoke Songs to Serenade Your Crush

Updated: Jun 22, 2011 12:11
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Karaoke, who doesn’t like it? Probably Hitler, I bet. But you know when you go to a karaoke birthday party or event of some sort and the person you have a crush on or are dating is there and you still want to have a good time, but you don’t want to seem too crazy right off the bat?

Like, maybe you just don’t feel comfortable enough to fully let loose quite yet, nor betray any feelings that you’re not ready to reveal quite yet. And what if they make you sing together (quelle horreur!), but you don’t want to act like you’re freaking out about it, because, hey whatever, I’m not giving a disproportionate amount of importance to this very public situation in which I might humiliate myself in front of the worst person possible, heh, no way, not me! One thing to keep in mind: anything too earnest is embarrassing for literally everyone– because like, why are you doing karaoke if you actually have any real ambition to sing?

Well, in the event that you’re too panicky to make decisions in these types of situations, allow me to lay out some possible strategy songs to make it appear as though you were BORN THIS WAY to make game-time decisions (spoiler: no Lady Gaga EVER for any reason):

1) Crazy in Love
This is like reverse-reverse psychology and/or a  hiding in plain sight strategy. See, by singing a song with such obvious lyrics in the title, you can throw your crush off– because, like, what kind of a wacko would communicate an actual feeling through a karaoke song? See, now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, you can probably feel more comfortable for the rest of the night. Plus, it’s a fun song to sing together, especially if the dude you have a crush on sings the Beyoncé part. Sidenote: Why is the accent over the “e” in Beyoncé when everyone pronounces it like “BeyAAAAWN-SAY”? Discuss.

2) Born to Run
Especially if you’re a whhomyn, this will probably a really fun song for you to sing that no one can possibly mistake for you being super serious about it.

3) Just A Girl
If you’re a dude, you should truly consider doing this, especially if you know all the words. I can tell you right now that I would be immediately be endeared. Same goes for any song from The Little Mermaid.

4) Faith by George Michael done in the style of Fred Durst
I gotta give credit where credit is due to my friend Laurel who originated this idea in about 2005 or so. Genius. You’re basically singing without actually singing in public (which has been scientifically proven to be less embarrassing), plus people will want to join in and reminisce about a less desirable time of red baseball hats and whatever so-called “rap-metal” was.

5) New York, New York
True story: one of the most hilarious times I’ve ever had on Valentine’s Day was when this guy and I basically went on a non-date date and he sang this song in full Frank Sinatra character. I guess proceed at your own risk with this one, but if you think you could be good at it, everyone around you will reap the rewards.

Photos courtesy of: DListed, EmptyTyv, Combe-do-Iommi, Purple Reaction, and Blue-Eyes.

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

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