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Marin Headlands: Your Next Sunday Day Trip

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Where do all we San Franciscans go to get out of our apartments, enjoy the weather, and have a few beers? Most of us would say Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, and the like. ‘Tis true, boys and girls. Let me tell you where you should be going, though – the Marin Headlands.

Assuming most of you readers are broke like me, you likely do not have a car (or access to one, for that matter). Each Sunday (only), the San Francisco Muni 76 line will take you pretty deep into the Headlands dropping you just shy of Rodeo Cove. It’s an easy and affordable way to make the trek. If you already have a Muni pass then it’s completely FREE.

The Headlands themselves are killer. There are miles of trails to hike. The trails wind through green, steep hillsides and vertical rocky cliffs. The views, of course, go without saying. Use your imagination, or even better, check it out and see for yourself. Hill 88 is worth a look. If you’re not feeling a hike there is always the beach – a perfect place to set up shop with a couple of chairs and a cooler.

The Marin Headlands can be visited completely FREE. Knock off a few bucks for food and drink if you so choose. Either way, this is a great, cheap way to spend your Sunday.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area –
Marin Headlands

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