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Brooklyn-Based Bags to Fit Your Budget—Now on Sale!

Updated: Aug 08, 2011 11:39
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Everybody who’s anybody knows that being “green” is way cool.  That’s why Brooklyn-based brand BAGGU created these reusable nylon grocery bags, modeled after the more wasteful plastic variety that you get at the grocery store.  The bags are light, fold up into a compact pouch for easy carrying, and come in so many colors your head just might explode from excitement.   BAGGU bags, totes, and backpacks have gained somewhat of a cult following in Brooklyn—you’d be hard-pressed to walk down Bedford Ave. without seeing some hot young thang carrying one of their products.  The brand also apparently inspired mega-super-important designer label Jil Sander, which produced a reusable grocery bag nearly identical to BAGGU’s that retails for a preposterously expensive $135.  Thinking that you want a piece of the nylon bag action?  Hey there, BAGGU’s “Big Baggu” in a perfect-for-summer “Golden Topaz” color is on sale for a limited time!  For $8, you’ll get a large-sized, stylish bag that’s perfect for hauling laundry, groceries, or your kid brother.  You know that it’s cuter than the dingy drawstring sack that you’re currently using to drag your dirty undies to the laundromat.   Add a little color to your life, why don’t you?  Select colors of canvas duck bags and backpacks are also on sale for $15-$17, but everything is limited in quantity, so get on it, baby!

Visit to purchase.

Image: BAGGU

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