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Lou’s Cafe – Outer Richmond Sandwich Staple

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There’s something extremely comforting about a great neighborhood sandwich shop. Just knowing that there will be a healthy dose of bread and meat (or veggies) waiting for you in your time of need can put even the most neurotic noshers at ease.

Lou’s Café in the Outer Richmond accomplishes this while putting a decidedly San Francisco twist on the standard deli menu.  Lou’s boasts a bevy of signature sandwiches and salads all crafted out of fresh ingredients the highlight being Lou’s proprietary jalapeno spread which is a must for anyone with even mildly adventurous taste buds.  Often at work I day dream about that spread, wondering what it’s doing now, and if it knows I’m thinking about it.  My guess is the spread knows but is too cool to let the fame get to its head.  The prices are reasonable, six to eight dollars for a sandwich or salad and the portions are large enough to satisfy a 16 pound Texas baby.  Did I mention they have a sandwich loyalty program, Lou rewards your devotion by picking up the tab on that tenth sandwich, so make sure to pick up a punch card and don’t let it stray from your wallet.

The place is relatively new but word has spread quickly so you may have to wait a few minutes for your order but Lou’s makes the wait enjoyable with a flat screen in the corner and free wifi for all.

Lou’s Café 5017 Geary Blvd. (@14th) [Outer Richmond] a
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Photo courtesy of Yelper Timothy B.

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