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Feed Your Inner Teenage Outcast, This Wednesday at McCarren Park

Updated: Aug 06, 2011 15:50
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Weird girls rejoice!  If you were ever a high school outcast, liked to dye your hair crazy colors, or read comic books, chances are you’ve seen and love the movie Ghost World (or– if you’re super hardcore– read the graphic novel which it’s based upon).  Well, whip out that Manic Panic and pleated miniskirt again—the beloved dramedy will play at McCarren Park Summerscreen for FREE this Wednesday, July 20th.  Young ScarJo, Steve Buscemi, and 90s-tastic grungy fashion—duh, it’s gonna be awesome.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, let me give you the gist—Enid and Rebecca (Thora Birch and Scarlett Johannson) are two unpopular teenage weirdos who get bored and answer a “missed connection” ad placed by lonely adult weirdo Seymour (The Glorious Buscemi).  They pretend to be the lady that he’s looking for, prank him, later establish a friendship with him, and crazy antics ensue.  Meanwhile the girls are in all sorts of life transitions as they just graduated high school, and are having trouble finding their places in the world.  It’s hilarious and sad and totally out there, yet somehow relatable.

So grab a lawn chair, a blanket, and some Flaming Hot Cheetos (or whatever else is your junk food of choice), and head out to McCarren Park this Wednesday evening.  The FREE movie starts at sundown, and all of the info can be found HERE.  Oh yeah, don’t forget your Buscemeyes, either.

Ghost World, FREE at McCarren Park Summerscreen

Bedford Ave. and N. 12th St.

Brooklyn, NY [Williamsburg]

Image via Amoeblog

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