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Precita Eyes presents the 15th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival

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When walking amongst the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District, it is merely impossible to deny attention to the cultural flavor and community involvement visible in its colorfully decorated walls and alleyways. These vibrant beauties kindly dress the neighborhoods with a warm positive spirit. Many of these murals have been produced by the neighborhood’s local non-profit muralist and arts education group, Precita Eyes Muralist Association.

Founded by Susan and Luis Cervantes in 1977, the group has evolved overtime, becoming one of the most significant contributors to the local art movement. Its heavy community involvement and youth outreach has resulted in successfully getting youth off the streets. Not only have they added life with their mural and art projects in the Mission District, but have extended their spirit to other neighborhoods throughout the city as well, including the Excelsior District’s Excelsior Playground and Crocker-Amazon Playground. Recently, they have even taken on two international projects– one to Beijing, China and the other to parts of Lebanon and Palestine.

Aside from lightening up the streets of the Mission, Precita Eyes also hosts numerous classes to youth and teens, workshops, and even walking tours that cover mural history and the cultural significance of the local murals.

*SIDE NOTE: If you ever find yourself bored on the weekend, these walking tours are great FREE fun! They’re really interesting and not to mention, Se habla Espanol! It can be conducted in either English or Spanish. The tours are available to the public on the weekends and private tours for larger groups (like school fields trips) can be arranged during the weekday, crafted according to the audience level. Did I mention it was FREE? *wink+nudge

Precita Eyes periodically holds special events throughout the year. So if you find yourself without plans this Saturday, I have a special request to ask of you: please go out and support your local youth artists.

Precita Eyes is holding their 15th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival. Aside from amazing art displays, there will be live performances of awesome live music, delicious food, a youth skate competition, skate deck painting and a stencil station. Don’t miss out on the spoken word, poetry slams, and breakdancing either!

Certain awesome pieces produced by these young artists are kept and shown throughout the year at various local galleries, so look out for those too!

For me, personally, art is a wonderful form of self-expression and anything that allows a positive outlet for youth gets an A+ in my book. Damn straight!

15th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival

Saturday, July 23rd | 1:00 – 6:00 PM
@ Potrero Del Sol “La Raza” Park (25th & Utah), SF

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